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試験科目:Certified Treasury Professional
問題と解答:全932問 CTP 資格問題集

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NO.1 An art history museum has recently finished renovating its new location. Before the move, the
treasurer considers purchasing additional insurance to protect the art during transit. What form of
additional insurance should the treasurer choose?
A. Special multi-peril (SMP)
B. Difference in conditions (DIC)
C. General liability
D. Business interruption
Answer: B

NO.2 The KEY decision in using CCD+ and CTX formats for B2B payments is:
A. whether an evaluated receipts or paid-on-production technique is being used for the transfer.
B. whether to use the Internet or an EDI spoke to transmit electronic payments.
C. whether to use an EDI or a UN/EDIFACT protocol to transfer the value electronically.
D. whether to keep the payment and remittance information together or separate.
Answer: D


NO.3 Which section of the statement of cash flows includes items that represent the cash inflows and
outflows related to the daily functions of a company?
A. Cash flow from operating activities
B. Change in cash balance
C. Cash flow from financing activities
D. Cash flow from investing activities
Answer: A


NO.4 A small regional bank is losing market share in fiduciary services and the CEO has decided to
scale back the trust department. Which of the following is considered a core service of a trust
A. Providing consulting services in debt origination
B. Processing drafts for collection.
C. Paying agent for dividend and interest payments
D. Monitoring compliance with audit procedures
Answer: C


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