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NO.1 Which services allow the customer to retain full administrative privileges of the underlying EC2
instances? Choose 2 answers
A. Amazon DynamoDB
B. Amazon Elastic Map Reduce
C. Amazon ElastiCache
D. Amazon Relational Database Service
E. AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Answer: B,E

AWS-Solutions-Associate試験予約 AWS-Solutions-Associate資格練習

NO.2 If I modify a DB Instance or the DB parameter group associated with the instance, should I
reboot the instance for the changes to take effect?
A. No
B. Yes
Answer: B

AWS-Solutions-Associate出題範囲 AWS-Solutions-Associate会場

NO.3 Refer to the architecture diagram above of a batch processing solution using Simple Queue Service
(SOS) to set up a message queue between EC2 instances which are used as batch processors Cloud
Watch monitors the number of Job requests (queued messages) and an Auto Scaling group adds or
deletes batch servers automatically based on parameters set in Cloud Watch alarms. You can use this
architecture to implement which of the following features in a cost effective and efficient manner?
A. Handle high priority jobs before lower priority jobs by assigning a priority metadata field to SQS
B. Implement message passing between EC2 instances within a batch by exchanging messages
through SOS.
C. Implement fault tolerance against EC2 instance failure since messages would remain in SQS and
worn can continue with recovery of EC2 instances implement fault tolerance against SQS failure by
backing up messages to S3.
D. Reduce the overall lime for executing jobs through parallel processing by allowing a busy EC2
instance that receives a message to pass it to the next instance in a daisy-chain setup.
E. Coordinate number of EC2 instances with number of job requests automatically thus Improving
cost effectiveness.
Answer: E

NO.4 You are running a news website in the eu-west-1 region that updates every 15 minutes.
The website has a world-wide audience it uses an Auto Scaling group behind an Elastic Load Balancer
and an Amazon RDS database Static content resides on Amazon S3, and is distributed through
Amazon CloudFront. Your Auto Scaling group is set to trigger a scale up event at 60% CPU utilization,
you use an Amazon RDS extra large DB instance with
10.000 Provisioned IOPS its CPU utilization is around 80%. While freeable memory is in the 2 GB
Web analytics reports show that the average load time of your web pages is around 1 5 to 2 seconds,
but your SEO consultant wants to bring down the average load time to under 0.5 seconds.
How would you improve page load times for your users? (Choose 3 answers)
A. Add an Amazon ElastiCache caching layer to your application for storing sessions and frequent DB
B. Set up a second installation in another region, and use the Amazon Route 53 latency-based routing
feature to select the right region.
C. Lower the scale up trigger of your Auto Scaling group to 30% so it scales more aggressively.
D. Configure Amazon CloudFront dynamic content support to enable caching of re-usable content
from your site
E. Switch Amazon RDS database to the high memory extra large Instance type
Answer: A,C,E